NPA NXX to United States Zip Code Database

The NALENND® database is built using GIS data layers to accurately identify service area by Zip Code and accurately maps United States telephone area codes and exchanges to 5-digit ZIP Codes.


This cross-reference is based on the geography of the NPA NXX Rate Center and the ZIP Code boundaries which yields a true representation of the coverage areas.

NPA NXX numbering resources are assigned by Rate Centers. Rate Centers are the regulated geographic service areas that telecom carriers provide service to and because their boundaries are relatively stable it is possible to compare them to USPS postal carrier routes to identify which NPA NXX combinations are used in specific Zip Codes.

Produced: on or before 5th calendar day monthly
Current Release: May 2, 2024
Distribution Frequency: monthly or quarterly (issue date: January, April, July, October)
Distribution Format: Internet download

United States NPA NXX to ZIP Code Editions

 UTC EditionFIPS EditionStandard Edition
NPA (Area Code)YesYesYes
NXX (Exchange)YesYesYes
Zip CodeYesYesYes
USPS City NameYesYesYes
FIPS County CodeNoYesNo
FIPS Place CodeNoYesNo
Rate CenterYesYesYes
Major Trading AreaNoYesNo
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)YesNo No
Daylight Saving Time Recognized FlagYesNo No