Wireless Telephone Number Data Scrubber

Using the NALENND® Telephone Number Type Identifier Database - Standard Edition, the NALENND® Wireless Telephone Number Data Scrubber provides an easy, free to use, method to identify invalid, landline, VoIP and wireless or cellular numbers in your telephone number list as a step toward TCPA and Wireless-do-not-call compliancy.

This utility does not check ported telephone numbers but should still give you approximately 96% accuracy. We invite you to compare our findings with other vendors using the same number list.

Enter up to 100 United States or Canadian 10-digit telephone numbers per scrub. The scrubber expects one telephone number per line. Numbers may be entered one at a time or copied and pasted in bulk from a variety of sources. There is no required input telephone number format. The scrubber is extremely flexible reading virtually any submitted input format.

Limit 10 scrubs per day.