About Us

Quentin Sager Consulting is a privately held software and database development company that has been providing matter-of-fact data solutions since 2001. With a keen understanding of telecom industry data at large and telephone numbering systems in particular our efforts are focused on the development of domestic and international telecommunications data products, services, and related applications.

Our longevity and success has been achieved through innovative data research, collection, and normalization techniques to deliver exceptional products.

Data is our passion, accuracy our obsession. Our mission is simple, become the vendor of choice by applying our expertise to produce and deliver authoritative, cost-effective data solutions to a discerning customer base.

Our flagship NALENND® and ITED™ databases exemplify our long term commitment to quality data products. These data products are actively used in a multitude of applications by individuals and Fortune 500 clients alike.

Introduced in 2002, NALENND®, the "North American Local Exchange NPA NXX Database™" and its derivative data products have become staple references to the North America telephone numbering system and infrastructure.

ITED™, the "International Telephone Exchange Database™", introduced in 2009, is a one-of-a-kind data product. Encompassing the entire ITU-T Recommendation E.164 numbering space representing the national numbering plans of more than 249 countries and regions of the world, this data product provides telecommunications data at a global scale.