Telecommunications V&H Coordinate Batch Converter

Batch Converter

Command Line Utility for Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows

V&H or Vertical and Horizontal coordinates are derived from latitude and longitude. They were developed by the telecommunications industry to simplify the calculations needed to determine the straight-line airline distance between two sets of geographical points.

This Microsoft® Windows based command line utility performs bulk conversion between your telecommunications industry V&H coordinates and geographic latitude and longitude coordinate pairs in either direction.

Need to perform batch distance calculations? It can handle these tasks as well. Fully supports both NECA FCC Tariff No. 4 Airline Mileage calculations from V&H coordinates and Great Circle Distance calculations from latitude and longitude.

Extreme input flexibility ... works with any ASCII text comma separated value (CSV) data file containing a header label row, no predefined or required record layout. Simply pass it your data file's name and which columns you need converted.

This utility has a small footprint (about 151KB) with no limit on the input file size. Ready to use ... no installation required, simply unzip the download using PKZip, Winzip, or similar tool. Run it manually from the command line or through your batch or command script.

pdf file NALENND® V&H Coordinate Batch Converter User Manual